Richard H. Johnson

I started Fiat Lux back in 2001 with my wife Cheryl. I had recovered from Hepatitis C and just received my diploma from the Ventura Technological Center for Computer Editing.
We wanted to have a business name that reflected not only how we felt about the hardships and trials of Hepatitis, but also having faith that our lives would be better for what we
went through, and where we were going. Hence Fiat Lux! Fiat Lux is latin for “Let There Be Light”. This fit right in with the video production I did, and wanting to bring awareness to
all everyone we met through our travels, but for work and for leasure. If you’re in the market for a well crafted video, need a commercial, a seminar recorded, or have a business with
video marketing needs, please send me an email and let’s discuss.